Why Use Video

Why should I have my wedding video taped – I already have a photographer?

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is Priceless”

1.What would you give to see a video of your parent’s wedding? To see not just how young they looked but how they acted and what they sounded like. Can you imagine them on the dance floor doing the twist? Or your mom’s giggling because she couldn’t get the wedding ring on your dad’s finger. Or maybe the first time you’ve ever seen your dad cry watching your mother walking down the isle? There are a million priceless things that would thrill you to see of their wedding. And your kids will feel the same way about yours.

2.Only Video can capture the Action and Sounds of your event. You’ve spent thousands of dollars for this event of a lifetime. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want it recorded. Hey, the flowers fade and so do the memories – brains leak the older you get, take my word for it! Photos are great for formal poses. But video captures it all. You won’t believe the many special things you miss at your wedding because you’re off taking care of something else, like walking down the aisle. Perhaps that was the second time your dad cried – and now you have it on DVD for years to come.

3. If something funny happens at your wedding – you can always send it in to Funniest Home Videos and maybe win the $100,000 grand prize!

So, there you have it. Our reasons for you to get a wedding video. But maybe you’re not convinced yet. Maybe you have questions. Please call us today and we will answer your questions!


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